There are a few serious reasons why windows need to be replaced, but the issue is within If you are an Appleton homeowner and you haven’t gone through the window installation process, it is not quite complicated as you imagine it to be. After deciding on new replacement windows and settling on an Appleton replacement window company, you will generally need to know how the installation process goes. 

The Starting Steps of the Replacement Window Installation Process

On the first day of installation, our in-house crew will be there by 8:00 am; proper measurements of any and all windows that need to be replaced will be taken before being removed. During this step, our team will also look for damages such as mold, wood rot, or any deterioration. These types of damages will be taken care of without any charge to you before the new replacement windows are installed. 

The Last Steps of the Installation Process

The new replacement windows are squared, flushed, and finished with high-density insulation. After being sealed with silicone and the project area cleaned the homeowner signs off before the crew leaves. This is to ensure that the project was done to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Most of our replacement window projects are done within a day. Even though every installation process is different, it’s good to get a general idea of how Appleton replacement window companies do their process and how they answer and explain any and all questions.

AHT Wisconsin Windows is a replacement window company in Appleton, WI. We take pride in our window installation process and want to involve our customers as much as we can, so they know they are taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our process, never hesitate to contact us! Visit our website at or call us at 888-874-9339 for more information.