There are a lot of negative connotations associated with warranties. When people think of warranties, they tend to liken them to a robot voice that calls about an expired car warranty. Other times, they think that it is just an excuse for companies to keep calling them about new products and deals they don’t need. But after investing thousands of dollars into the improvement of your home, especially for replacement windows, warranties do matter! Replacement window warranties help Appleton homeowners with ease of mind by making sure the process of installation and the replacement windows are taken care of. There are two kinds of replacement window warranties that you should be aware of and should ask about during an in-home estimate.

Replacement Window Workmanship Warranty

The Workmanship Warranty covers the labor of installing the windows and is important when issues come up during installation errors. Similar warranties that other companies offer may be the Manufacturer Warranty, which covers failures or defects of the replacement window. This means that this warranty only covers if the window has defects, rather than the issues that occur during installation. AHT Wisconsin Windows offer a 50-year Fully Transferable, Not Pro-rated, Exclusive 50-year Warrant. To learn more about this replacement window warranty, click here to read more.

Glass Breakage Warranty

The Glass Breakage Warranty covers the glass if it breaks. You can save hundreds of dollars with this warranty as even with high-performance and durable windows, they can still break. AHT Wisconsin Windows offers a 10-year Glass Breakage Warranty to protect your replacement windows for a whole decade! Learn more about this replacement window warranty by clicking here.

Are you looking to replace your current windows in the Appleton, WI area, or have questions regarding the warranties AHT Wisconsin Windows has to offer? We can help you with both! Call 888-874-9339 to learn about replacement window warranties or schedule a free in-home estimate.