Heat is essential for any homeowner in the midwest.  Going without heat can leave your family vulnerable to below-zero temperatures.  So it was alarming to hear that experts predict heat costs to go nearly 40% for many Appleton homeowners.  The last time Appleton homeowners saw this kind of increase in their heat bills was nearly a decade ago!  So this is a great time to invest in energy-efficient replacement windows.

Triple pane, solid core, composite frame replacement windows can save homeowners nearly 40% on their energy bills. This means that homeowners that replace their windows now will see very little increase in their energy bills this winter making now the best time to invest in new windows. So instead of keeping your heat so low that you can practically see your breath in the morning, invest in energy-efficient replacement windows.  

AHT Wisconsin Windows are high-performance windows that can keep energy costs down and have durability that will last you a lifetime.  With financing options as low as $57 a month, we can help Appleton homeowners find a financing solution to fit their budget.  Call 888-874-9339 to schedule an in-home estimate.