Deciding which Appleton replacement window company you are going to hire can be a difficult decision.  Like most Appleton homeowners, you are probably not a replacement window expert so you might be booking a couple of free estimates to learn more about the different replacement window options that are available because not all replacement windows are the same.  So, should you choose the cheap window replacement?  Or the high performance replacement windows that are more expensive?  Here are some questions to ask yourself when making this decision:

Do you want your windows to help you save on your energy bills?  

High-performance replacement windows can help you save over 40% on energy bills.  You read that right, OVER 40%!  To an Appleton, WI homeowner, this is a big deal, especially in the wintertime when temperatures get below zero.  When getting an estimate, be sure to ask what upgrades/features are available from the company to help lower your monthly energy bill.  

Do you want replacement windows installed the right way?

As high-performance window installers in Appleton, WI, we have seen it all.  Seriously, one homeowner we worked with ended up with one of their windows installed upside down!  Some homeowners hire cheap contractors to install cheap replacement windows to save money which can lead to expensive problems down the road.  A replacement window installed the wrong way can lead to warping that makes it hard for the window to open and close or leaking which can lead to costly damage to your home. 

One way to ensure the windows you invest in is installed correctly is to ask if the company hires subcontractors or if they do the work themselves.  Companies that don’t use subcontractors can ensure that each installer is properly trained versus a subcontractor that hires cheap labor.  If a company says they don’t use subcontractors, it doesn’t hurt to double-check their reviews to make sure that this is accurate.  Most replacement window customer complaints are about subcontractor crews.

These two questions will help you start to gather the right information from any in-home estimates you have with an Appleton window company to make the right decision on how much of an investment you want to put towards new windows for your home.  AHT Wisconsin Windows is happy to help you with your replacement window purchasing journey with a free estimate to learn more about high-performance replacement windows.  Visit to learn more and to schedule a free estimate.