Are you starting to notice that your windows are not energy efficient anymore? Some questions may include: Is there a draft in your winter during winter? Is your neighbor’s dog barking extra loud? Are your energy bills getting more expensive? Having said yes to these questions, it’s time to face the truth: you need replacement windows. Otherwise, you live another day and pay more for cold drafts. Here are the steps you need to know about the replacement window installation process:

The First Steps of Replacement Window Installation

Our in-house installation team will arrive on your property around 7:30 am to 8:00 am on the first day of installation. Each and every opening will be measured to ensure a proper fit before any old windows are removed. During measurements, the in-house team will also note any damages such as mold, deterioration, and/or rot. Repairing the openings of where the old windows are taken out from these damages will be of no extra cost to you. The new replacement windows will be checked and their frames flushed to be installed. They will be fastened with rust-proof screws and then finished with high-density and low-expansion insulation.

The Final Steps of Replacement Window Installation

In the final steps of window installation and replacement, the process of custom blending the metal coil, which provides an appealing yet low maintenance finish to the window’s exterior. Then silicone is used to seal the seams and the windows are cleaned from the inside out. The homeowner signs off before the installation team is allowed to leave, acknowledging that the job was done to their satisfaction. Most of AHT Wisconsin Windows’ replacement window installation projects only take one day to complete.

AHT Wisconsin Windows uses only our in-house installation team, which allows us to be upfront and honest about our process. We know their skill levels, who will be coming to your home, and the entirety of your project before we get started. Call us at 888-874-9339 to schedule an in-home estimate.