Like many Appleton homeowners, you might think “if the window is good, then why should having a warranty matter?”  You might also think “they won’t stop calling to tell me that my car warranty has expired and if it has, I haven’t missed it so why would I need a window warranty?!” But when it comes to investing thousands of dollars into your home then the warranty DOES matter.  Here are two great warranties to ask about during your in-home estimate:

Replacement Window Workmanship Warranty

A Workmanship Warranty covers the labor or the work that was put into installing the windows.  Why is this warranty important?  Because during the length of the warranty, any issues that come up from installation errors made when installing the windows are covered.  Some companies might offer a Manufacturer warranty that covers failures or defects of the actual window versus errors made when installing the windows.  AHT Wisconsin Windows offers a 50-Year Fully Transferable, Not Prorated, Exclusive 50-Year Warranty.   Call 888-874-9339 for more information on this warranty.

Glass Breakage Warranty

Glass breakage is just what you probably think it is.  It covers replacing this glass if it breaks.  Even with high-performance, durable windows, the glass can still break.  So if an accident happens and you break a window, you can save hundreds of dollars with the safety net of a Glass Breakage Warranty.  AHT Wisconsin Windows offers a 10-Year Glass Breakage Warranty so you have the safety of knowing you are covered when those glass breakage accidents happen for a full decade!

If you have more questions about replacement window warranties call 888-874-9339 to schedule an in-home estimate to learn more.